Tween Skincare + Clean Girl Makeup Workshop

Tween Skincare + Clean Girl Makeup Workshop

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Are you ready to unlock the secrets to healthy, radiant skin? Introducing our Tween Skincare + Clean Girl Makeup Workshop, where pre-teens can embark on an exciting journey to discover the fundamentals of skincare and minimal makeup with our makeup artists and skincare experts!

  1. Explore Skincare Basics: From understanding different skin types to learning about common skincare concerns, tweens will gain valuable insights into the fundamentals of skincare tailored specifically to their age group. All of our skincare is Inika products, all natural and Australian made. No nasties, perfect for sensitive skin.

  2. Discover Healthy Habits: We'll delve into the importance of establishing a skincare routine and the key steps involved, including cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection. Tweens will learn how to create a personalized skincare routine that fits their unique needs.

  3. Clean Girl Makeup: Following the perfect skincare routine is the perfect makeup application! We go through the steps for minimal, age appropriate makeup, including concealer, mascara, brow gel and gloss.