Saying No to Cakey Makeup

Saying No to Cakey Makeup

Ever do your makeup and feel like it’s too cakey, not smooth, blended or flawless  Well keep reading...

Here are my tips for a flawless, makeup base 🌻 

  1. Always use a hydrating moisturiser. Apply liberally and allow time for it to sink into your skin. Give your skin a drink girl 💧 
  1. Use a primer. Primer helps prevent creasing and it’s job is to help smooth skin texture and prevent fine lines from showing. 
  1. Apply your foundation in small amounts, blend in, then apply a little more, blend, then apply more until you get the coverage your after. You don’t need to apply a lot all at once. Only apply a very small amount of product under the eye and around nose area. 🧚🏼
  1. Use a makeup sponge or beauty blender. A sponge doesn’t allow the makeup to build up too much. Make sure the sponge is damp and take your time blending your foundation into the skin especially around the nose and under eye. 🌈
  1. Set your foundation with a translucent powder (powder with no colour) use small amounts. Make sure you don’t use too much product or it will appear cakey. 🍰
  1. Use a setting spray. Again you don’t need a lot! The setting spray helps blend all the layers of makeup together and take away the powdery look. 🚿 
  1. If you have oily skin try using blotting sheets throughout the day. Use them by patting into the skin to help remove excess oil and built up makeup. 🧻

Hope this helps 💋

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