Crown Pro Brush Series

Crown Pro Brush Series

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The Crown Pro Brush Series has every tool needed for a flawless & full-face makeup application.

Bristles • Antimicrobial • 100% Synthetic Pro Grade Quality Fibers

Handles • Sleek Designer Handles • Waterproof and Long Lasting

Ferrules • Non-Corrosive Ferrules • Double Crimped and Wear Resistant

Vegan & Cruelty-Free Brush Series

All brushes can be used with Powder, Liquid, or Creme cosmetics.

Brushes Available:

Oval Foundation - Use to apply primer, moisturiser, or foundation. 

Powder Brush - Use the Powder brush with pressed or loose powder. 

Buffer/Bronzer - Use the Round Buffer Brush to apply a full coverage of foundation. 

Highlighter/Contour - Use to apply Highlighter, Bronzer, or Blush. 

Angle Brush - Used for Highlighter, Bronzer, and Blush. 

Eyeshadow Brush - Use to apply base eyeshadow to the eyelid. 

Blending Crease Brush - Use to blend eyeshadow in the crease or on the eyelid.

Detail Crease - Use to blend eyeshadow in the outermost corner of the eyelid.

Chisel Smudger - Use to create a smokey eye.

Angle Liner - Can be used to apply liquid eyeliner to the lashline or to define the eyebrows.